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"You said Taxi?"

There are 300 TAXIS RIVIERA who are under the regulatory authority of the Préfet de Police.

To become a taxi driver, it is necessary to pass a professional examination in order to get the certificate of ability to drive a taxi, granted by the prefecture.
After passing this exam, in order to exercise his activity, the taxi driver needs a parking authorization acquired from an individual or a company that stops exercising.
Only the prefectural pricing is applicable. It is calculated on the time and the distance. The fare for the journeys is automatically calculated by the fare meter installed inside the car. Each year, the pricing method is reviewed, subject to a ministerial order.


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The taxi driver must not refuse to take passengers when the number of authorised persons mentioned in the car registration document allows it. When there are more than 4 passengers, an extra charge of 2.50€ per adult from the 5th person applies in addition to the total fare amount. A child aged less than 10 years old counts like half an adult.
Taxi drivers are free to refuse luggage that cannot be moved by hand. Moreover, they are not allowed to load pieces of luggage or parcels that can dirty or damage the carpets or seats or leave a bad smell inside the car. However, once the luggage is accepted, the driver has to bring it to destination. In all cases, the driver does not have to help with the loading/unloading of cumbersome parcels. To be on the safe side, we advise you to inform the operator about your needs so that he or she can tell you whether your request is acceptable and send you an estate car or a minivan that better suits your needs, if necessary.
If the taxi is empty, it does not necessarily mean that it is free. The taxi you hailed might have been reserved and the driver was going to pick up his client. The only way to know whether a taxi is really free is to check if the taxi light of the sign located on top of the car is on or off. When the light is on, the taxi is free; if it is off, it means it is booked. If the taxi you hail is actually free, the driver has to stop, except if he is less than 50 meters away from a taxi stand. If so, he has to go there and queue. In train stations or airports, if it is not on the parking space reserved for taking passengers, or if he is driving in towns that have their own taxi services, he is not allowed to pick up passengers, except if he was called and booked in advance through a call centre.
If you requested your taxi through the TAXIS RIVIERA call centre and you stated that you had a pet, the operator has necessarily booked a taxi that accepts pets. The driver knows your requirement and has to take you in with your pet. If you did not call and mention it, the taxi driver does not have to accept people with pets, except if it is a blind person with a dog.
When you get in a taxi, the driver starts his fare meter to show that he is on a journey. From this moment, the legal amount of 4.00€ displays automatically on the meter.
When the driver takes you in, he has to drive you to your destination, whatever the distance and the price of the journey are. Moreover, note that the minimum amount of a taxi journey is 7.30€. There are only some exceptional cases when the driver can refuse a journey.
According to Article R.412-1 of the Traffic Law, the use of an officially recognised children's car seat is not compulsory for passengers aged less than 13 years old who travel in a taxi, or any vehicles affected to public transport. Thus, any persons travelling with a child aged les than 13 years old cannot demand that a taxi driver be equipped with a children's car seat. Moreover, the driver cannot refuse to take in a passenger with a child aged less than 13 years old, if his taxi is not equipped with an officially recognised system.
Article R.412-1 of Traffic Law provides that any driver or passenger of a vehicle must wear a seat belt. However, the seat belt is not compulsory for any taxi driver in service, that is to say, when the "TAXI" light sign is not covered by its casing...


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